Dominion Capital Strategies

Dominion Capital Strategies is the financial services platform of Dominion. We provide best-in-class client focused solutions through an efficient and state of the art cloud based, digital portal. Our objective is to help all of our investors’ to meet their financial goals.

The need for financial planning is increasing every day. Retirement, access to higher education and healthcare funding are just some of the reasons why it is important to save whilst professional and transparent asset management and portfolio diversification are essential in any comprehensive financial plan. It is with this in mind that our international savings and investment solutions have been designed. Through some of the leading independent financial advisers, our clients have access to tailor-made solutions according to their needs.

Our Senior Management Team has a proven track record in the financial services industry and individually they have worked with some of the world’s largest international financial services businesses.

Our experienced multidisciplinary team is committed to helping our clients´ achieve their objectives and meet their financial goals.

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