Zuckerberg speaks up for Big Tech
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Zuckerberg speaks up for Big Tech

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has committed to a series of public discussions this year in an attempt to let people know what the company is all about. In the first such discussion, which took place last Wednesday with Harvard University law professor Jonathan Zittrain, he chose to explain the value of Big Tech, and how he thinks Facebook has contributed to individual freedoms by decentralising society.

Facebook’s share price has appreciated by 21% so far this year

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In the talk, Zuckerberg explain why millennials have been tech innovators, and what the value of today’s Big Tech sector really is: “A reason why I think people of my generation got into technology is because we believe that technology gives individuals power and isn’t massively centralizing. Now you’ve built a bunch of big companies in the process, but I think what has largely happened is that individuals today have more voice, more ability to affiliate with who they want, and stay connected with people, ability to form communities in ways that they couldn’t before.”

You can watch the whole talk below – but be aware its nearly two hours long!

Zuckerberg also says that he believes Facebook is a force for social good, and that it should remain free to use. He does not, however, want Facebook to become a self-regulator in regards to what users post. The company is, apparently, in the process of setting up an independent council to make such decisions. He said:

“I believe very strongly that people do not want Facebook to be (and we should not be) the arbiters of truth in deciding what is correct for everyone in society. People generally think we have too much power in deciding what content is good and I tend to also be concerned about that.”

The talk with Zittrain is the first of many this year. In January, Zuckerberg announced: “My challenge for 2019 is to host a series of public discussions about the future of technology in society -- the opportunities, the challenges, the hopes, and the anxieties. Every few weeks I'll talk with leaders, experts, and people in our community from different fields and I'll try different formats to keep it interesting.”

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