Xylem tech used to transform yacht into floating laboratory
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Xylem tech used to transform yacht into floating laboratory

Global water technology company Xylem Inc. has a very simple motto: “Lets Solve Water” – and it takes it very seriously. As a result, aside from the type of installations you might expect – water desalination plants, pipe leakage monitors, that kind of thing – Xylem’s tech has featured in some pretty strange places. One of the most interesting, however, has to be the conversion of a former long-distance race yacht into a floating laboratory.

Xylem Inc.’s share price has appreciated by 10% so far this year

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The purpose of the modified yacht is to Monitor water in the Baltic Sea. This stretch of water remains one of the most heavily trafficked in the world, with 15% of the world’s cargo shipped through it. Heavy use of major ship lanes has put enormous pressure on the waterway, which is seeing high levels of air, water, and noise pollution as a result. This presents a clear threat to the future of the Baltic – something Xylem is keen to ameliorate.

The Hrimfare af Ranrike, which is the yacht’s name, is part of “project SHEBA” – the name of the wider effort to monitor and protect the Baltic Sea. Begun in 2010 and ending this year, it marks the first fledgling effort to protect this stretch of water. Writing in Xylem’s Impeller Magazine, Dr. Anders Tengberg, scientific advisor and product manager for Aanderaa Data instruments, one of Xylem’s brands, explained the importance of the project:

“The long-term solution to environmental stress in the Baltic Sea is to incorporate emission reduction as a fundamental pillar of future industrial ship designs, whether that is through enhanced waste management, inclusion of alternative propulsion methods, or more efficient use of existing style engines. This is no simple task, but if the SHEBA project is any indication of the power of multinational cooperation, then we are on the right path.”


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