Xylem’s tech to bring low cost drinking water to yet another city
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Xylem’s tech to bring low cost drinking water to yet another city

Global water technology company Xylem Inc. is quietly seeing its products installed in cities all over the globe, the latest of which is Grand Forks in North Dakota. As the world faces a water crisis – the inevitable convergence of trends towards global warming and population growth – Xylem has never been more necessary.

The difficulty of obtaining new drinking water naturally means we have to find new ways to conserve and treat the water we already have access to (only 3% of the planet’s water is drinkable, and only 0.3% of that water is accessible to us). Xylem is an expert in these areas (the company’s motto is literally “let’s solve water”) and its solutions are being used worldwide to help millions of people gain access to this most precious of resources.

Grand Forks, the third largest city in North Dakota, is developing a new regional water treatment plant. It will provide a population of 57,000 people with water that has been through Xylem’s ozone treatment solution, which will “ensure the water meets all quality standards, is potable and odor-free,” according to the press release.

Grand Forks water plant supervisor, John Goetz, told reporters “By building this new facility and investing in efficient, sustainable technology, we will future-proof the plant, ensuring that we can provide safe, clean drinking water for our growing community.”

The plant, which has been under construction since December 2016, will be operational by early 2020, when it will replace the existing facility (which, at time of writing, is 62 years old). The new plant will be able to produce 20 million gallons per day, and house two Wedeco SMOevo 860 Ozone Generators from Xylem.

Talking up the tech, Xylem’s business development manager, Kevin Flis, said: “Ozone is one of the most powerful commercially available oxidants. Pollutants, colored substances, odors and microorganisms are directly destroyed by oxidation, without creating harmful chlorinated by-products or significant residues.”

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