Xylem’s Leopold pump saves city water at a lower cost
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Xylem’s Leopold pump saves city water at a lower cost

The city of Salida in Colorado is home to a water treatment facility that services around 6,000 people. But in recent years, the plant’s manager, Lonnie Oversole, has become increasingly frustrated by the large amount of water wastage that was evident there. Enter global water technology company Xylem Inc. and its Leopold pump solution.

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Mr. Oversole had no illusions as to what was wrong with his plant. Like many of the water infrastructural systems currently in use in the U.S., it was chronically outdated. The plant was built in 1959, and the filtration system installed then was still in use as late as 2014. That’s when he decided that it was time for a complete overhaul. And after a lot of looking around, he decided on the Leopold Type XA Underdrain system.

The installation of the Leopold system was completed in May 2014, but now, three years later, it is clear how much it has helped the city’s residents. Before it was installed, the “backwash cycle” – a crucial element in water treatment – took 16 minutes and used between 95,000 to 105,000 gallons of water for each filter in the plant. With Xylem’s new system, a backwash cycle now takes just 7 minutes, and has halved water use.

What this boils down to is that before Xylem’s technology was installed, Salida used as much as 5% of their water for backwash purposes – now they use less than 2%. That’s a saving of 50,000 gallons per day. As water becomes ever more scarce due to global warming, diminishing natural sources, and rising populations, this type of technology will become ever more crucial worldwide.

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