Xylem instrumental in protecting the Nile from pollution
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Xylem instrumental in protecting the Nile from pollution

Xylem Inc., the global water-technology company spearheading the fight against an impending water crisis, has just scored another win: establishing monitoring devices throughout the rive Nile in Egypt. When we think of the coming water crisis, we tend to focus on overpopulation and dwindling supplies of water due to global warming. But another culprit in water scarcity is pollution: throw enough junk into your water supply, and it becomes unsafe for human use. Xylem, with its mission to “solve water” is tackling this threat as well.

Xylem’s share price has risen by 6% so far this year

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The Nile supplies Egypt with 95% of its water, which is used for the irrigation of crops, the powering of industries and, of course, sustaining the country’s 99 million-strong population. It is not hyperbole to say that life in Egypt depends on the Nile. However, as it delivers water across its 6,600 km run, the Nile also picks up a massive amount of pollutants.

Xylem’s YSI analytics expert for the Middle East and Africa, Hassan al Salem, explains: “Running through a heavily populated city like Cairo has its own challenges on this important body of water: illegal discharge of untreated waste from factories, pollution caused by boats and ships, and human behaviour.”

Mohamed abd Elnasser, after sales and tech support engineer for Xylem partner Giga Systems, adds: “These pollution sources eventually cause a lot of diseases to the citizens, such as kidney and liver failure. These diseases cost the country millions of [Egyptian] pounds and affect the Egyptians’ capability to live normally.”

Working in tandem, Xylem YSI and Giga Systems have installed and operate 20 monitoring stations along the Nile which report real-time data every 30 minutes. This data can be used for research, as well as letting the government monitor the effects of new legislation designed to curb pollution in the Nile. It’s a great example of how companies and governments can work in tandem to curb the effects of pollution and protect one of our most precious resurces.

Abd Elnasser says: “the Nile was, still is, and will always be the source of life to Egypt. Maintaining it in a good condition is a vital issue to Egypt.”


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