Xylem Inc. on supplying the world’s tallest building with water
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Xylem Inc. on supplying the world’s tallest building with water

Global water technology company Xylem Inc. is a world leader when it comes to supplying the equipment needed to facilitate good water systems around the globe. In a recent article in the company’s magazine, this is made clear in reference to the fact that its market-leading Lowara pumps are the method of choice to supply the world’s tallest building with water.

Xylem’s share price has risen by 16% so far this year

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The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is 2,722 feet tall – that’s taller than two Empire State buildings stacked on top of one another. As such, delivering water all the way to the top floor is a unique challenge for engineers: they have literally never had to do anything like it before. Xylem says that the “reliability and energy efficiency” of its Lowara pumps were “key factors” in their selection as a solution to this problem.

These pumps are installed at the basement level, and then again about a third of the way up the building. They are responsible for pumping 1,000 cubic meters of water to the top floor every day and serve “all domestic water outlets in the building”.

Perhaps most importantly, when considering Xylem’s wider quest to “solve water” in light of an impending crisis driven by global warming and population expansion, the company has “been able to significantly reduce the energy consumption” that these pumps require. Along with its other technology, Xylem is fast creating the water infrastructure that we will need to safely enter the future, with issues like sustainability at the fore. That’s good news for the Burj Khalifa building, good news for investors, and, ultimately, good news for the planet.


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