World Cup winner announced early: Adidas
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World Cup winner announced early: Adidas

With 2.5 billion fans worldwide, football (or “soccer” as it’s also known) is the world’s most popular sport by a long way. Number two, cricket, has a full billion fewer fans. It’s a safe bet that many of those fans will be tuning into the final of the World Cup, taking place in just a few days. However, Dominion has been able to follow special coverage that has already announced the winner: Adidas.

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There are lots of ways to measure sponsorship success: who sponsored the winning team? Who sold the most jerseys? Who had the most popular advertising campaign? Now, pollsters at YouGov have found another way to gauge victory and defeat: through consumer perception.

YouGov measured the positivity and negativity of speech around Adidas and Nike during the World Cup period, and the results are clear-cut: it was a close contest, but Adidas pulled ahead in the last week to a 3-point advantage.

That’s true as to how much people are speaking about the brands too – it’s been close, but over the last couple of weeks, there have unquestionably been more discussions about Adidas than Nike.

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YouGov notes on its blog that measuring consumer sentiment touches “all the aforementioned metrics” (sales, ad popularity, and the success of which team is being sponsored), making it, presumably, a better metric to judge overall success. It also notes that: “Adidas and Nike are both scoring points.”

However, in the final estimation: “Tournaments aren’t particularly good at producing ties. Generally speaking, there’s the champion and there’s everyone else.” Having maintained a lead over its rival for the majority of the World Cup, that champion can only be Adidas.

Dominion holds Adidas in its Global Trends Luxury Fund.

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