What’s next for Aptiv? Sensors that will let your car gauge your mood!
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What’s next for Aptiv? Sensors that will let your car gauge your mood!

Aptiv, the automotive company with an eye for future trends like self-driving and electrification (once, the more forward-looking part od Delphi Automotive), has no shortage of innovations on the way for self-driving vehicles. But this latest announcement might be unexpected for even those of you who follow news over the trend relatively closely: the company has entered into partnership with artificial intelligence (AI) developer Affectiva to develop “sensing systems for monitoring vehicle occupants.” In other words – sensors that can tell your car what mood you’re in!

Aptiv’s share price increased by 2% last week

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Source: Yahoo Finance

In a statement, Aptiv’s president and CEO, Kevin Clark, said: “Just as perception and detection of objects outside the vehicle are critical enablers of autonomous driving, there is an increasing need for intelligent sensing inside the cabin. This partnership with Affectiva will extend Aptiv’s leadership position in perception systems by complementing our portfolio with enhanced interior sensing capabilities. Using Human Perception AI this offering will improve safety and strengthen the ride experience.”

Other companies, such as automaker Kia, are moving along similar lines. The value of a car that can tell when its passenger/driver is flustered, scared, or angry is self-evident. It is also likely that this will lead to a raft of connectivity options.

Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, Affectiva’s co-founder and CEO, added: “Integrating Affectiva’s deep learning-based software into Aptiv’s connected vehicle platform will enable OEMs, on-demand mobility providers, and fleet management companies to build intelligent vehicles that understand every facet of the human experience within a vehicle. We are excited to partner with Aptiv to accelerate the deployment of automotive grade in-cabin sensing AI that will enhance road safety and redefine the mobility experience.”

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