TripAdvisor and Japan Airlines work together to help tourists disperse around Japan
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TripAdvisor and Japan Airlines work together to help tourists disperse around Japan

Japan is a tourist destination, but most of the tourists that go there end up seeing the same few things. Japan Airlines (JAL) and online travel kingpin TripAdvisor want to change that. In partnership, they’re creating a multimedia portal to promote inbound travel to the country, named “Untold Stories of Japan.” The aim behind it is to help newcomers to the island learn “what locals love beyond the obvious” as well as encourage sustainable repeat visits.

Over the last 30 days, TripAdvisor’s share price has risen by 8%


SOURCE: Yahoo Finance

Said Yoshiharu Ueki, the president of JAL, said: “we are fully committed to not only supporting the government’s efforts to grow foreign visitor arrivals by 40 million by 2020, but also to encourage these visitors to keep visiting Japan. What we will create together is a powerful platform that can help drive a revitalization of rural Japan by getting travellers to go further and stay longer, local businesses can capitalize on this this inbound interest to grow the economy in the long term.”

The platform will be launched in October, featuring Tohoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa, as well as cities in the vicinity of Kanto region. It will sit inside TripAdvisor’s domain, where users will be pushed to it by traffic drivers on the site. A TripAdvisor spokesman said that the initiative would focus on 13 markets across Asia Pacific at inception: “China, India, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong.”


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