Treasury Wine Estates targets British millennials with augmented reality wines
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Treasury Wine Estates targets British millennials with augmented reality wines

Treasury Wine Estates, an Australian wine giant that is also the second-largest supplier to the UK wine industry, is targeting British millennials with a new high-tech marketing campaign. Well, we say new, we really mean new to Britain (we covered these wines on their Antipodean debut here). The reasoning is straightforward: Brits are big drinkers, and TWE wants to get the younger crowd in on it. And it’s using a range of wines and marketing campaign that proved popular with millennials elsewhere to do it.

Treasury Wine Estates’ share price has risen by 2% over the last five days

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Source: Yahoo Finance

The company’s “Embrazened” brand features augmented reality labels, each of which focuses on a twentieth century female pioneer and lets her tell her story. The customer simply holds their smartphone camera in front of the labels to learn more about the ”trailblazing” woman in question. TWE describes the brand as “bold, unapologetic and disruptive.” Emrazened is a female-first brand, but the company has a similar one for male millennials: 19 Crimes.

TWE’s marketing director, Kirstie McCosh, said that she hopes the wines (which comprise of one red 13.5% abv blend, and a 13% white abv blend) would appeal to younger drinkers who were inspired by stories of positive change. She added: “One of TWE’s core strategic aims is to drive recruitment of 18 to 35-year-old drinkers, bringing them into the wine category. We know through the success of 19 Crimes that the way to do this is through authentic, brand story-telling experiences, and we are confident that Embrazen delivers on all these cues.”

In a statement, TWE’s UK chief, Michelle Brampton, said: “We bring genuine innovation to bring new consumers into the category, to activate it through technology, and we have credibility in our brands and our wine.”

Dominion holds Treasury Wine Estates in its Global Trends Luxury Fund.

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