Treasury Wine Estates releases multi-country blend into UK market
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Treasury Wine Estates releases multi-country blend into UK market

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE), the Australian wine giant behind Penfolds and other top brands, is releasing its first multi-country origin wine into the UK market. This new brand, Squealing Pig, includes six different bottles, from six different countries. Traditional favourites such as an Argentinian Malbec and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc will be present, with other wines coming from Australia, France, Italy, and Australia.

After a volatile year to date, Treasury Wine Estates’ share price has appreciated by 9%

Treasury Aug 7

Source: Yahoo Finance

TWE’s European marketing director, Kirstie McCosh, made the following comment over the launch: “Squealing Pig is a unique proposition from TWE. It is one of our first multi-country of origin brands and highlights our ability to source quality wines from across the globe. This is not only important in the current climate, but is also key when it comes to engaging our target consumer who demands ever more choice. With Squealing Pig, we are giving consumers something new and exciting – the chance to easily explore different wine varietals from different countries all under one trusted brand, a unique brand personality which already resonates with consumers across the pond, and industry-leading AR technology. We are really excited to see how this market responds to it.”

The wines will retail in the UK later this year, and it’s not TWE’s first expansion there this year. Earlier in 2019, TWE expanded its popular Blossom Hill portfolio with “Gin Fizz” – a sparkling blend of wine, botanical-infused water, and gin. The UK is a relatively high alcohol-consumption market, and wine has become increasingly popular there over the past decade. According to recent statistics, as much as 37% of all alcohol drunk in the country is wine.

TWE will support the launch of Squealing Pig in their standard, high-tech, way, leveraging social media, augmented reality, and more to make an impact.


Dominion holds Treasury Wine Estates in its Global Trends Luxury Fund.

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