Treasury Wine Estates knows what millennials want from their wine: less alcohol!
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Treasury Wine Estates knows what millennials want from their wine: less alcohol!

Here’s a trend that might surprise older drinkers: demand has risen and continues to rise for low- and no-alcohol wines. Once the preserve of the chronically uncool, and notorious for being as low on quality as they were alcohol, these drinks are now in high-demand as the way less-boozy millennial generation has come to the fore. And Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) is capitalising with a new range of high-quality, low-alcohol wines: Lindeman’s.

Treasury Wine Estates’ share price has appreciated by 16% over the year so far

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Source: Yahoo Finance

Explaining the strategic decision to make low-alcohol wines a key part of their offering, TWE’s European marketing director, Kirstie McCosh, told the press:

“Low and no-alcohol is a category in growth and with teetotallers now making up 21% of the total UK population and 75% of millennials limiting the amount of alcohol they drink on a night out (ONS Figures), we felt that now was the right time to launch Lindeman’s 0.5%.”

“We know that the wine industry is changing and that consumers are turning to other drinks categories or choosing not to drink at all. By giving shoppers an alcohol-free alternative from a consumer favourite like Lindeman’s, we are helping to recruit these consumers back into our category and providing them with new ways in which to enjoy our wines.”

So, next time you want a drink but don’t have anyone else to drive the car, fear not! TWE has your back. But, for those amongst you who aren’t designated drivers, or who don’t feel the need to get on-board with the latest health and wellness trends, there’s no need to despair: TWE is still a purveyor of some of the world’s best-known alcoholic brands.


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