Treasury Wine Estates blends equality and technology for Women’s Equality Day
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Treasury Wine Estates blends equality and technology for Women’s Equality Day

Australian winemaker Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) has pulled out all the stops for Women’s Equality Day, which Australia celebrates on 26th of August. In a novel approach to wine marketing the company used augmented reality – the blending of virtual reality and the real world around us through (in this, and most cases) the use of smartphone cameras – to bring a collection of female pioneers to life. The women chosen were then given the chance to “tell their own stories” to eager connoisseurs.

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The company chose three women to showcase on its “Embrazen” range of wines. They were journalist Nellie Bly, jazz singer Josephine Baker, and Latin artist Celia Cruz. TWE describes them as three “extraordinary women of the past who dared to shatter convention.” Buyers simply use an app in their smartphone which accesses its camera, and hover over the portraits of these feminist icons that are printed on the front of the bottles. Then, like magic, the portraits come to life and the women recount tales of their lives.

Olivia Teutschel is the winemaker behind the bottles’ contents. She said: “I hope these wines spark conversation among friends, family, co-workers or even in the wine aisle.”

It’s the latest example of TWE embracing modernity – both in its core values (equality) and the medium in which it delivers those values (augmented reality). This combination of hot button issues and latest innovations is sure to play well with younger drinkers, and it’s also being used to launch a new program that TWE calls “Take Up The Torch”. They’re looking for nominations of local women who are “driving change” in their communities. The winner will be announced on National Women’s Day (8th of March) and receive $25,000 AUD to help advance her cause.


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