Tinder’s latest ad campaign involves ‘Blunt’ putdowns
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Tinder’s latest ad campaign involves ‘Blunt’ putdowns

James Blunt, the UK pop star who had a hit with the single ‘You’re Beautiful’ in 2005, has become at least as famous, in recent years, for his withering Twitter put-downs. Now, the warbling former soldier has been given an opportunity to take his online critiquing of the public to new levels: as CBO (chief blunt officer) at Tinder. Although his role lasted only 24 hours, it gave him ample opportunity to live up to his last name for the ‘casual dating’ apps latest advertising campaign.

Check out James Blunt’s take on Tinder users in the company’s new ad:

Blunt is becoming an old hand in comedic advertising, having previously starred in UK National Lottery adverts as well as humorous spots for his own albums. However, he is still fresh enough to the advertising world that many Tinder users will be surprised to see the pop star working in an environment perhaps more usually inhabited by comedians.

It’s a smart move by Tinder. The ‘casual’ element of the service lends itself to a cheeky brand – Tinder is about having fun, not settling down with kids and a mortgage – and Blunt’s acerbic wit fits it perfectly. It’s not the only thing the company is getting right, either.

Tinder’s share price has risen by 36% over the year so far

tinder 1709

SOURCE: Yahoo Finance

Tinder is in a period of renewed prosperity at the moment, as the introduction of subscription service Tinder Gold has rocketed it up to the top of the App Store Grossing chart. As the company continues to get its branding and marketing right, and tweaks the gamification of its platform to deliver an ever-more convenient service, the question is not just how much further it can go. Rather, can the Match Group roll out what it’s learnt over its success with Tinder to its other digital dating platforms too?


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