The robots are coming! But, they’re bringing pizza
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The robots are coming! But, they’re bringing pizza

Domino’s Pizza is partnering with European startup Starship Technologies to start using delivery robots in Hamburg, Germany. This might sound like a gimmick, but it’s a legitimate innovation: in the world of automation, there is no reason pizza delivery will buck the trend. However, we’re not quite in the world of automation yet, and if you want a robot to deliver your pizza right now, you’ll have to ‘opt in’ to the company’s program.

Domino’s Pizza is up 17% so far this year

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SOURCE: Yahoo Finance

According to Domino’s CEO, Don Meij, robots are just one of the company’s staffing solutions:

“Robotic delivery units will complement our existing delivery methods, including cars, scooters, and e-bikes. With our growth plans over the next five to ten years, we simply won’t have enough delivery drivers if we do not look to add to our fleet through initiatives such as this.”

The “such as this” is a nod towards Domino’s other forays into automated delivery services. Last year, the company managed to deliver a pizza via drone in New Zealand (the journey was completed in just 5 minutes, and the pizza remained hot). And last March, Domino’s created their very own robot, which completed a delivery in Australia.

Whether the company plans to stick with Starship Technologies for the long term or not is unknown. But one thing is for sure: Domino’s is looking at various types of delivery automation, and it’s unlikely to give up on it.


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