Tesla: self-driving features to start arriving in August
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Tesla: self-driving features to start arriving in August

According to a tweet from Tesla founder, chairman and CEO, noted technocrat Elon musk, the company’s self-driving software will make an appearance on the market in August of this year. That’s not to say that Tesla’s cars are going to be completely autonomous this year, but rather that its Version 9 software will be released, and that will “begin to enable full self-driving features.”

Tesla’s share price has surged by 11% in the last 5 days

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All the cars that Tesla has produced since October 2016 possess the required hardware to become fully autonomous, but enabling that hardware for at least some vehicles could come at a cost of $8,000 in optional fees.

The announcement has been well received by investors – perhaps in reflection of the fact that many observers thought Tesla might push back its self-driving software rollouts. The reason for this is that Tesla’s autonomous driving capabilities have taken a few PR hits recently. These came in the form of two crashes caused, in part, by Autopilot – one of the key components of Tesla’s full self-driving suite of features.

Musk, however, has been undaunted by the media’s hasty reaction to these setbacks. And he argued passionately that such coverage ignored the fact that these features were already shown to make driving safer.

Musk’s recent pronouncement demonstrates that he is still supremely confident in the tech that Tesla has promised will make driving possible “with no action required by the person in the driving seat.” Exactly when that promise is fully realised remains to be seen – but the setting of a firm date for some of the features that will eventually lead to it is big news indeed in the self-driving vehicle world.


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