Syngenta expands digital agriculture offerings
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Syngenta expands digital agriculture offerings

Digital agriculture is one of those terms that mean different things to different people. But global agrochemical giant Syngenta has a pretty clear definition: “turning data into meaningful information that farmers use to run their operations more productively and profitably, provide sustainability performance downstream, and protect their resources including soil, water and biodiversity”. And now, they want to take it more seriously.

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Syngenta is no stranger to digital agriculture – the company has been at the forefront of the revolution for nearly 20 years. But as new innovations become available with which to analyse farm data, it’s keen to capitalize upon it. To that end, the company’s former head of customer marketing, industry veteran Dan Burdett, has been named head of global digital agriculture.

Burdett, who was instrumental in Syngenta’s 2015 acquisition of Ag Connections, and helped to expand AgriEdge Excelsior® across the U.S., made the following statement:

“At the most basic level, Syngenta’s approach to digital agriculture is driven by growers’ needs and the global needs of ag productivity. That’s why we are focusing on technologies and tools that can complement the agronomic and economic depth of a grower’s operation. We are taking a similar approach to bring value to commercial growers, our plant breeders and seed production growers, by aggressively leveraging data analytics. By connecting digital agriculture capabilities to our product lines, our sales teams and our channel partners, we have the opportunity to differentiate ourselves in this active space.”

Syngenta’s Alexander Tokarz, head of business development, was eager to highlight that Burdett was the right man for the job – and that Syngenta is expecting results:

“Dan is a great leader to develop a digital capabilities ecosystem, while supporting our growers every step of the way. He has spent his entire career providing value to growers. He understands their needs. Moreover, the agriculture industry is feeling the impact of technology disruption, and Dan and his team are positioned to judiciously harness new tools and concepts by building capabilities internally, and seeking out strategic partners and opportunities.”

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