Spotify becomes first ever music streaming app to be installed on more than 500 million Android devices
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Spotify becomes first ever music streaming app to be installed on more than 500 million Android devices

Music streaming platform Spotify, the world’s most successful audio-first company, has just crossed a major milestone by becoming the first ever non-preloaded music streaming app (meaning your phone won’t come with it already installed) to be installed on more-than half a billion Android devices!

Spotify’s share price has appreciated by 23% year to date

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Source: Yahoo Finance

Spotify has beaten Pandora, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, TIDAL, Apple Music, and several others to the 500 million mark. But there is a lingering question as to how many of these installs are “zombies” – or, in other words, not functional. A zombie install might be created when a Spotify user buys a new phone and installs the app on it – that creates two installs, but just one user. Another way a zombie could emerge is if someone simply stops using a service but never bothers to delete the app.

Zombies aside, this figure strongly suggests that Spotify is the most popular music streaming app amongst Android users – an important metric, considering that Android is far and away the largest OS on the planet. Part of Spotify’s popularity with this crowd will undoubtedly come from the partnerships it’s agreeing with hardware providers like Samsung, who have fully bought into Android.

Spotify might also start leveraging some of the power that comes with preinstallation itself, too. One of those recent Samsung deals was to become the default music streaming choice for all Samsung devices. That should help it to gain parity with Apple Music and YouTube Music (both of which are the default options on their relevant OS platforms).


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