Skyworks Solutions highlights positive sustainability performance in 2018 report
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Skyworks Solutions highlights positive sustainability performance in 2018 report

Skyworks Solutions, an “innovator of high-performance analogue semiconductors” that feature in smartphones and other devices, is keen to tell the world how environmentally friendly it is. This month, the company released its Sustainability Report 2018 which pretty much does what it says: showcase the company’s sustainability record last year. Investors might wonder whether this is simply virtue signalling. The answer to that is no – Skyworks is a business-to-business provider that deals with giants like Apple and Alphabet. These companies are under extreme pressure from their relatively young and well-informed customer bases to be as sustainable as possible. Working with suppliers that don’t live up to those pressures is a no-go.

Over the last 30 days, Skyworks share price has increased by 13%

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Source: Yahoo Finance

Highlights from the report include the fact that Skyworks conserved 72,700 megawatt hours of energy (enough to power 6,156 homes for a year), averted 9,300 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (comparable to removing 1,974 passenger vehicles from the road for a year), saved 106 million gallons of water, avoided the generation of 526,000 pounds of hazardous waste, and kept 102,000 pounds of municipal waste from landfills.

Steven C. Machuga, Skyworks vice president of worldwide operations, said: “Skyworks is proud to have achieved significant efficiency improvements across all major environmental categories, particularly as we increased production and capacity. As an enabler of ubiquitous connectivity, we remain steadfast in our commitment to meet the growing demand for our wireless engines without compromising our sustainability initiatives.”

Dominion holds Skyworks Solutions in its Global Trends Ecommerce Fund.

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