Royal Caribbean plans to leverage the power of Instagram influencers
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Royal Caribbean plans to leverage the power of Instagram influencers

If you’ve heard of the Fyre Festival (and you should really check out the documentary on Dominion holding Netflix) then you will have recently brushed up against the power of Instagram influencers. We won’t ruin the story for you, suffice to say that thousands of people were convinced to buy tickets for a festival that, eventually, failed to the point of non-existence. Why bring up Fyre? Because it’s a great example of how powerful social media can be in the right hands. And, while the people that promoted Fyre may have used their powers for evil, there are plenty of legitimate businesses who use Instagram influencers to great effect. Now, Royal Caribbean plans to become one.

Royal Caribbean’s share price has increased by 21% so far this year

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Source: Yahoo Finance

Royal Caribbean has advertised for a “shore explorer” to go on an all-expenses paid trip this summer. The lucky employee will only be onboard for three to four weeks, but will have the chance to visit a range of places, including Japan, Norway, Alaska, Dubai and the Bahamas. And the company is offering $2,000 per week to do it – not bad for a free holiday!

At that wage, being a “shore explorer” pays better than the majority of jobs you find on a cruise ship – but, unlike most of them, it consists entirely of having a blast, and posting about it on Instagram. The fact that the company is willing to pay someone to do this as a job demonstrates that it understands the power of social media when it comes to communicating experiential products to millennial travellers.

The advert reads: “We're looking for an adrenaline junkie who is not only hungry for adventure, but also has a unique ability to capture a moment and tell a story in a simple social media post.” Sound like you?

Dominion holds Royal Caribbean in its Global Trends Luxury Fund

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