Pernod Ricard unleashes major new campaign championing “conviviality”
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Pernod Ricard unleashes major new campaign championing “conviviality”

Bars, restaurants, cafes, parties… the culture of conviviality is dying out. That, at least, is the message in Pernod Ricard’s powerful new campaign, which is designed to bring people closer together. The drinks giant has launched a dedicated website, complete with a manifesto and an incredible 10-and-a-half-minute brand video (you can watch it below, but be aware YouTube will want you to confirm your age, as the video features alcohol consumption). Taking swipes at social media and bemoaning the barriers technology seems to have erected between neighbours, the campaign strikes a tone which is likely to resonate with many people.

Check out Pernod Ricard’s latest video championing conviviality

The company’s website, which boasts a luxurious feel throughout and has clearly been designed to spark a sense that life is worth living, lays out its ideas in the first few paragraphs of its “manifesto” which is published under the title “Have we lost sight of each other?”:

“As humans we feel the instinctive pull to spent time together, yet as technology plays a bigger role in our everyday lives we seem to be losing sight of our convivial selves.

Perhaps this is this the reason we sometimes feel lonely in a crowd; why we reach for our smartphones the moment we find ourselves alone in a public place.

Social media offers us a smoke screen to hide behind, and smartphones the excuse of busyness. But what if we looked up more often and took the time to share authentic moments to connect with those around us? Strangers, friends, neighbours and colleagues – as humans, we all need conviviality.”

Pernod Ricard’s share price has risen by 13% so far this year

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Source: Yahoo Finance

Pernod Ricard’s message isn’t exactly anti-tech – after all, it’s being delivered via the internet – rather, it’s about finding a place for technology that enables and empowers, rather then enslaves. Those are sentiments that are becoming more and more popular amongst younger consumers, many of whom have grown up in a world dominated by social media and Big Tech. It’s too early to judge the campaigns impact, but the video shown above has been viewed more than 2 million times since the end of January on Pernod Ricard’s official YouTube channel alone. That, if nothing else, should get investors to raise a glass!


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