Oceans warming 13% faster than thought – and accelerating!
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Oceans warming 13% faster than thought – and accelerating!

According to a new study published Friday, the Earth’s oceans are warming 13% faster than previously thought, and the pace at which this warming is occurring is also accelerating. Given the fact that ocean temperatures are a critical indicator of wider climate change, and that until now we have struggled to gain data on how fast the pace of change of ocean warming is increasing, these results are of significant importance to anyone interested in global warming.

Using new technologies and strategic measurement techniques, the team behind the research was able to report that the rate of global warming has changed dramatically. Writing in The Guardian, one of the study’s co-authors, John Abraham, states:

“We were able to extend our techniques back to the late1950s and show that the rate of global warming has changed significantly in the past 60 years. One main outcome of the study is that it shows we are warming about 13% faster than we previously thought. Not only that but the warming has accelerated. The warming rate from 1992 is almost twice as great as the warming rate from 1960.”

A press release from the team sought to put their results in context, and read:

“We know the oceans are much warmer now and they contain the memory of climate change. Higher sea surface temperatures are continually reinforced by the extra heat beneath the ocean surface. The oceans are affecting weather and climate through more intense rains. This process is a major reason why 2016 was the hottest year ever recorded at the Earth’s surface, beating out 2015 which was the previous record. Additionally 2015 was a year with record hurricanes, heat waves, droughts, and wild-fires around the world.”

With global warming imperiling our food source, as vulnerable crops become unable to sustain the heat, and our water source, as already stretched supplies of drinking water have to go further to sustain an overheating population – this is an area that affects us all. Additionally, floods and natural disasters are further effects of global warming, and threaten us in even more direct ways.

However, these threats are also opportunities in the sense that they present problems for intelligent companies to overcome. Those companies that can provide the best solutions will not only have aided the planet immeasurably, but ridden to success on the back of one of the greatest stories of our era.

Dominion holds a number of companies that are ‘future proofing’ the world against some of the worst fall-outs from climate change in its Global Trends Managed Fund. These include water technology companies like Xylem Inc., and Halma PLC, and agricultural companies like Syngenta.

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