Novartis gets European Commission approval for new self-treatment
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Novartis gets European Commission approval for new self-treatment

Novartis has announced that the European Commission has approved Xolair for provision in “prefilled syringe for self-administration”. Xolair is the company’s treatment for severe allergic asthma (SAA) and chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU) – both of which are sudden onset conditions, and therefore require on-the-spot treatment options. According to a press release: “with this approval, Xolair is the first and only biologic to offer the option of self-administration for SAA and CSU. In other words, Novartis is the automatic market leader.

Over the last six months, Novartis’ share price has appreciated by 15%

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Source: Yahoo Finance

Severe allergic asthma describes intense breathing difficulties that develop in response to a stimulus. And chronic spontaneous urticaria is a technical term for sudden, inexplicable, hives. Studies have shown that properly-trained patients can self-administer for both of these conditions, and Novartis’ treatment has become the first option to do so in the European Union, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

Xolair is a well-known drug that is easily tolerated when administered by injection every two to four weeks. Under the terms of the approval, patients (or a nominated caregiver) will have to undergo training to ensure they understand how to administer sub-cutaneous injections correctly. Then, at a physician’s discretion, they will be able to treat themselves the instant reactions are apparent.

In a comment over the news, Dr. Karl-Christian Bergmann, of the Allergy Centre Charite, Berlin, said: “Today’s positive news is a big step forward for patients living with immunoglobulin E- mediated asthma and chronic spontaneous urticaria. Decreasing the number of regular clinic visits allows patients the flexibility to fit their treatment around their lives and helps to reduce the burden of these diseases. It also allows physicians a greater capacity for patients who need extra care, which is important.”

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