Moncler uses star power to sell out of even the least likely products
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Moncler uses star power to sell out of even the least likely products

In the fashion world, there are statement items best suited for catwalks, fashion premiers, and high-net worth bucket lists – and then there are products that sell. Of course, the two share an ecosystem… some of the looks that non-fashionistas might think of as a bit too ‘out there’ embody the high art of fashion, and bring critical acclaim to brands, which can then use it to sell little black dresses or cashmere sweaters. But few fashion houses actually manage to sell these wild and wonderful creations to the public – Moncler is now one of them.

One week in to 2019, Moncler’s share price remains mostly flat (+0.31%)

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Source: Yahoo Finance

The space-age Pierpaolo Piccioli x Moncler puffer is – to the untrained eye – something like a hooded cocoon-dress made of sleeping bags. That, of course, is the distinctly non-Vogue description. However, this unusual status-item has benefited from a massive surge in sales – so many, in fact, that Moncler’s e-store has sold out! Considering they cost $4,135 each, that’s no small feat. What was the key to Moncler’s sales surge? Upcoming fashion icon Ezra Miller, who decided to wear an all-black version of the coat to the premier of latest Harry Potter spin-off, Fantastic Beasts (in which he stars). Celebrity sells, and Moncler is in a cultural sweet-spot.

As to how the everyday consumer can justify such a seemingly impractical purchase, Emma Specter, writing at Vice’s Garage has her own theory: “My answer is embarrassingly simple: because they’re warm. A coat like the Moncler x Pierpaolo Piccioli’s sold-out puffer is like a regal, slightly inflated second skin you can slip on to arm yourself against the cold weather and colder judgments of the outside world. If, as Amanda Mull noted at Vox, your winter coat is all anyone’s going to see “for, like, six months,” why not go big?


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