Moncler shows its “genius” on Instagram
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Moncler shows its “genius” on Instagram

French Italian fashion house Moncler, best known for its stylish outerwear, is debuting a new line – Moncler Genius. The range is focused on achieving year-round exposure by paying less attention to catwalks in fashion week, and more to social media and other high hit-rate channels, which are being increasingly utilized by the young and trendy. Unsurprisingly, given its visual credentials and wide reach, Facebook-owned Instagram will be the company’s platform of choice.

Moncler’s share price has risen by 12% so far this year

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SOURCE: Yahoo Finance

In the words of Moncler boss Remo Ruffini: “You cannot talk to your customer every six months, you need to talk every day. Before, the world was quite static and it was enough to make one show in February, one show in September. I hope the Genius strategy will get young kids, a young generation talking about Moncler around the world.”

Moncler plans to be an early mover in what it perceives as the new normal of the fashion world: constant visibility and high levels of innovation and “newness” delivered through modern, high speed, networks. Today’s consumers aren’t waiting for Paris fashion week to by a blouse – they’re following Kylie Jenner on Instagram and checking out what’s hot this week.

The brand’s first installment hit catwalks on February 20, at the Milan Fashion Week. It includes jackets, knitwear, and accessories, and will hit stores from June. In October, Monlcer Genius pop-up shops will start to appear. The company describes the Genius line as a number of “different cells, each one devoted to a singular mind, all of them adding facets of the Moncler identity.”

Luxury analyst Luca Solca ruminated on how the Genius collection plays into Moncler’s wider story, and what it could mean for the company going forward. He said: “Moncler may be losing share to new entrants in the broader down jacket market, but this market is continuing to grow. Besides, Moncler is doing an excellent job with product innovation, merchandising and in-store display — one of the best in the industry."


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