Match Group speaks out about Net Neutrality
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Match Group speaks out about Net Neutrality

Match Group, the company behind successful online dating services like, Plenty Of Fish, and Tinder, has spoken out about Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality – in brief – is the principle that internet service providers (ISPs) and governments who regulate the internet must treat all data on it equally. This means ISPs can’t give preference to some digital content providers over others. As a result, internet users can load every website, app, video, etc., equally – regardless of where the content is hosted, what that content is, or what its political agenda may or may not be. This egalitarian principle rests on the belief that information should be free to all, and was “built in” to the internet from inception.

Match Group’s share price has risen by 10% so far this year


SOURCE: Yahoo Finance

Recently, Net Neutrality has come under threat for a number of reasons. In 2015, the FCC classified consumer broadband services as a public utility, meaning paid-prioritisation was illegal – just like it is with electricity providers and telecommunications. Now, Mr. Trump’s administration is suggesting it be declassified. Many of the world’s biggest internet companies have responded with alarm – and Match has recently added its voice to theirs. The company’s CEO, Greg Blatt, issued the following statement:

"The internet, and the mobile apps that utilize the internet, have transformed the way people connect, meet and get to know their significant others. With one out of every three dates, relationships, and marriages beginning with a dating product, Americans have truly embraced online dating for the myriad of benefits that it offers, including expanded options, efficiency, convenience, and increased control. Choice, convenience, and efficiency are the backbone of net neutrality, the guiding principle of the internet, and provide the ability for more people to connect online than ever before."

"Match Group stands in solidarity with hundreds of other companies and millions of consumers supporting robust and enforceable net neutrality rules. Net neutrality ensures our consumers continue to have the freedom to find that special someone by making sure that users won't be shut off or slowed down when using our services. It also ensures continued innovation in the dating space for new products and services to be offered, regardless of the size and resources of the companies that come up with the ideas. We are proud to work with the Internet Association and others to support net neutrality."


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