Louis Vuitton’s new customer service staff: Facebook bots
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Louis Vuitton’s new customer service staff: Facebook bots

This holiday season, your purchase of a $1,370 canvas duffle bag could be prompted by an unusual luxury spokesperson: a Facebook bot. Luxury titan Louis Vuitton has turned to the social media platform for help managing customer interest on social media. The bots in question – artificially intelligent computer algorithms that can engage users in conversation – will be able to help customers in a variety of ways: pulling up catwalk shows and history about the brand, browsing its online catalogue, and even giving tips for the maintenance of your favourite Louis Vuitton products!

LVMH’s share price is up 36% so far this year

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Source: Yahoo Finance.

LVMH, the world’s largest luxury group and Louis Vuitton’s parent, is using this tactic as part of a larger strategy: to bring the world of big luxury into the world of big data. The sector was not an early mover in the digital age, but LVMH is resolute in catching up to the modernity. As a result, it’s launched multibrand Ecommerce sites for its fashion and beverage divisions this year, and Louis Vuitton itself has been at the forefront of this revolution: the brand opened its first dedicated Ecommerce shop in China, and has also debuted its own smartwatch (the $2,450 Tambour Horizon).

Now, social media has come calling. Louis Vuitton’s CEO, Michael Burke, released a statement explaining the adoption of this strange new workforce, saying: “our clients like to be connected to the Louis Vuitton universe wherever they are.”

They are not the first movers in this area (Richemont and Burberry are two examples from the luxury world), but it’s early days nonetheless. Eitan Sharon, CEO of Mode.ai, which developed Louis Vuitton’s bot, said: “We are still in the very early stages of AI technology adoption in the retail industry.” Undoubtedly, that is about to change.  

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