Les Journees Particulieres is bringing U.S. consumers inside some of the world’s biggest luxury brands
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Les Journees Particulieres is bringing U.S. consumers inside some of the world’s biggest luxury brands

Les Journees Particulieres is an initiative by global luxury titan LVMH to show luxury consumers the inside of their luxury brands. The company has opened the doors to a select number of its Maisons around the globe, offering visitors the chance to see the inner workings of one of luxury’s greatest empires, which spans fashion, cosmetics, drinks, and more. In the United States, Benefit Cosmetics and Sephora were among the first brands to participate.

Despite worries over the U.S. / China trade war, LVMH’s share price has risen by 8% year to date

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SOURCE: Yahoo Finance

Les Journees is a bold move by LVMH to capture that sense of authenticity that has become vital in the luxury world, and which is so hard to convey through traditional media. It is also a solid way to show that the company values more than profit and sales, as Berluti CEO and Les Journees founder Antoine Arnault admitted during its inaugural run in 2011. Today, he describes it in a more flattering light, saying it “was designed to embody our houses’ hospitality and energy, and echoes the vital role that the act of transmitting plays for the LVMH Group: Our aim is to share our diverse heritage, extensive savoir-faire and concrete innovations.”

Chief beauty ambassador for Benefits Cosmetics, Maggie Ford Danielson, describes how each brand (or ‘Maison’) at LVMH offers its own curated experiences: “A lot of the brands in the LVMH umbrella are more aspirational — more aloof, more closed door — and that creates a mystery. So to reveal that mystery is really exciting. The other side of that is the Benefit moment, and we just let it all hang out all the time and just want people to join the party, so that’s what our experience is. Both are about revealing mysteries and having fun, they’re just different ways to look at it.”


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