L'Oreal – Adventures in the land of the cyber-vegan
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L'Oreal – Adventures in the land of the cyber-vegan

With the vegan market growing inexorably it was timely of L'Oreal to last month reveal the imminent release of a range of vegan hair dyes.

Traditionally hair colouring has required a series of toxic chemicals including ammonia and peroxide. The rise of the vegan market also coincides with the rise of a younger market concerned with transparency on the product purchases and actively avoiding potentially damaging chemicals and focused on what are perceived as natural products.

L’Oreal’s seen strong performance over the past week

graph 01 08 loreal

SOURCE: Yahoo Finance

L'oreal has titled its new range “Botanea” and are sourcing three different plants from India to produce the range.

The natural and organic personal care market was worth $11 billion in 2016 and Ernst & Young suggested that by 2024 this would double to $22 billion.

Also this month L'Oreal announced an expanded media ownership strategy following it's pilot program in Mexico. The new expansion will see it's pop-up media brand fiufiu being rolled out in a number of other spanish speaking areas. The goal of fiufiu, which produces aggregated social media lists, columns by trend influencer, and original content, is to harvest first party cookies and the ability to request user data directly. This move follows legislation in Europe such as GDPR which curtails a marketers ability to access cookie data. In the wake of this and the impact of software such as Apples'  intelligent tracking prevention, companies are forced to take ownership of sites and generate their own traffic in order to keep access to the kinds of marketing data that brands are built on.

L'Oreal has also recognised in fiufiu a useful tool for engaging with a younger demographic whom have been shown to respond better to in article suggestions then to clear adverts on a page.


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