John Deere go green!
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John Deere go green!

John Deere is one of the most famous agricultural companies in the world. Best-known for its agricultural and construction equipment, the company has been going to great lengths to embrace environmental friendliness – and with good reason: the agricultural industry is at one of the industries most responsible for climate change, and one of the industries that stands to suffer the most from it.

As the planet warms, water will become even scarcer, and crops will be imperiled by conditions in which they cannot grow. Perhaps that’s why John Deere has released its new 5045E – a best-selling garden tractor that runs on biofuel.

Of course, there is also a marketing case for going green: as the Millennial generation has reached maturation, their concerns and interests become key indicators for businesses’ commercial attractiveness. And Millennials are deeply concerned about the environment.

So, whether you look at it from the perspective of sustainability or consumer preference, clever agricultural companies have good reason to embrace the modern trend towards environmental friendliness.

In John Deere’s case, this isn’t the first foray the company has taken into environmentally friendly vehicles. We recently profiled the prototype electric tractor that Deere is hoping will revolutionise the industry. This offering, showcased at the 2017 National Biodiesel Conference, is a smaller beast – but no less revolutionary. Running on renewable energy, and aimed at landmasses somewhere between ‘large garden’ and ‘small farm’, Deere’s latest attempt at saving the planet just might help to set new industry standards!

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