Is another Aston Martin hypercar on its way?
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Is another Aston Martin hypercar on its way?

Aston Martin made headlines this week when it was revealed that the company has trademarked a new potential vehicle name: Valen. The news was broken by industry publication AutoGuide, which keeps track of these things. A few caveats: first off, Aston Martin itself has not responded to the news, and second, it is not rare for automakers to trademark a name then not go on to use it. But, all that aside, the trademarking does suggest that Aston Martin has… well, something in its pipeline that it’s looking to name!

Aston Martin’s share price slipped by 15 last week

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The most obvious answer to all of this is that Valen could be the new name for the AM-RB 003… except CEO Andy Palmer wasn’t exactly subtle about hinting that this model was going to be named Valhalla at 2019’s Geneva Motor Show. |And reports about the Valhalla name have been pretty conclusive thus far. Valen was trademarked at the end of 2018, so unless its time has been and gone already (unlikely), then that is a pretty strong suggestion that Valen is being reserved for something else. The question on readers (and drivers, and investors) lips, of course, is: what?

At petrol-head online magazine,, editor Jacob Oliva speculates: “Will another Aston Martin supercar or hypercar be revealed sometime in the near future? Only time will tell but judging by the name Valen itself, which means strong in Latin, it could be a hypercar that's strong enough to beat the current showstoppers in its class. Something exciting? Definitely.”


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