Interested in a post-meat world? Givaudan’s got your back!
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Interested in a post-meat world? Givaudan’s got your back!

Fragrance and flavour giant Givaudan, the company behind many of the everyday smells and tastes we encounter in daily life, has been aggressively pushing into relevant food and drink trends over the past year. Now, it’s making a bold play towards the elimination of meat from people’s diets. With veganism and vegetarianism on the rise globally, this is an important trend – and it fits perfectly with Givaudan’s recent focus on health, wellness, and natural products.

Givaudan’s share price has increased by 22% so far this year

Givaudani July 1

Source: Yahoo Finance

The Swiss dietary giant has partnered with the University of California Berkley’s Product Development Program to conduct research into “the top six up-and-coming plant-based proteins that could likely be game changers for the food industry, and, in particular, nutritional beverages.” As part of the research, Givaudan established that the global plant protein market is expected to grow by 8% CAGR to $13.7 billion by 2021, and that there has been a 92% increase in sales of plant protein products from last year. That’s a market Givaudan wants a part of.

Dr. Flavio Garofalo, global category director for Givaudan’s Savoury Flavours and Natural Ingredients segment, said: “With an ever-increasing demand for proteins, we asked ourselves if the best proteins are currently being used, and if niche proteins that are in use today could play a bigger role in the future. This forward-thinking research will help our customers to navigate the ever-changing alternative protein landscape.”

The protein sources discovered to be best were: oats, mung beans, garbanzo beans, lentils, flax, and sunflower seeds. Each one was analysed against a range of filters, including commercial viability, protein content, sustainability, and allergenicity.

Sudhir Joshi, PhD, of UC Berkeley, added: “Our students have worked closely with Givaudan to profile a broad spectrum of proteins using a range of key filters. We scored the proteins for commercial, nutritional, and sustainability factors and then ranked them for additional health benefits. These attributes make these proteins appealing candidates for new product development. It is undoubtedly an exciting time in the industry and we are pleased to be playing such a pivotal role in its future.”


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