Idexx Laboratories launches commercial test for kidney disease
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Idexx Laboratories launches commercial test for kidney disease

Yesterday Idexx Laboratories announced the imminent commercial availability of its new SDMA test to its North American customers.

SDMA (symmetric dimethylarginine) is a renal biomarker specific to kidney function and is used to diagnose acute kidney injuries and chronic kidney disease. SDMA can be used to accurately diagnose these conditions earlier then the traditional biomarker for these conditions, creatinine.

The Idexx Catalyst® SDMA test will be commercially available from January 16 2018 and 2371 pre-orders have already been shipped as part of their lead up to launch, with a further 1762 being prepared to be shipped in the coming week.

The new Catalyst® SDMA test is designed to complement IDEXX’s existing Catalyst One® and Catalyst Dx® chemistry analysers as part of their normal sample run. There are over 28,000 of these analysers globally and IDEXX expects the new Catalyst SDMA® to be able to join their cousins in veterinary practices worldwide in the early part of 2018 as part of an essential part of the routine chemical panels their customers can make use of.

IDEXX’s SDMA test has been running at it’s reference laboratories since 2015 and as a result has already provided over 12 million SDMA results and in the process established the largest database of kidney disease in dogs and cats globally.

Not stopping at veterinary uses, at the same time IDEXX has had a collaboration with Yale University to establish the clinical utility of SDMA testing in human patients. Yale is a leader in human nephrology research and in 2017 validated the accuracy of IDEXX SDMA results in human blood samples.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jonathon Ayres had this to say. “We’ve seen great enthusiasm for the ability to run SDMA as part of the routine chemistry panel at the point of care, and pre-orders have exceeded our expectations. The IDEXX SDMA Test represents one of the most significant diagnostic innovations in veterinary medicine in the last 30 years. We’re thrilled to bring this essential element of the chemistry panel to our point of care IDEXX VetLab® suite, allowing veterinarians to utilise the benefits of SDMA immediately during the pet’s appointment. SDMA has tremendous potential benefit in human applications as well, and with the IDEXX test technology now validated to be able to run on commercial chemistry systems that routinely produce chemistry results in human reference laboratories, we have greater reason to explore the clinical value of this incredible biomarker in human applications. We are excited and grateful for our partnership with Yale University.


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