H&M partner with Google on ‘coded couture’
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H&M partner with Google on ‘coded couture’

H&M are a major player in the high street fashion industry, with collaborations with some of the world’s most recognisable and trendy celebrities as well as boutique collections. Well, they are now teaming up with Google to make customised dresses based on lots of people’s personal information.

Data is driving a lot of decisions in global businesses, from where to launch products, where to market different campaigns through to what time to put out television and radio adverts.

The increasing role of data and ways to collect, monitor and then harness this information has created new businesses, new jobs, and been one of the major technology trends over the last decade. Data is saving businesses money through refining their decision making and giving them a better view of their markets, customers and performance all at the same time.

Now, Google are partnering with Ivyrevel, which is backed by H&M, in an attempt to turn data and personal information into fashionable dresses. The two companies are working together to create an Android app that will track where users go, the weather they tend to be subjected to, and even what kind of fit they go for.

The technology will then combine all of this information and produce an individualised ‘data dress’ that the user can then choose to buy. The designer and technology company are calling this new initiative ‘coded couture’.

Check out the video put together by Ivyrevel to showcase the technology:

Writing in The Verge, Ashley Carman has reported:

‘How exactly will the dress visualize data? It’s not totally clear, but based off images, it seems the dress will be fitted for formal or casual occasions and then details on it will be attributed to certain things. So because it’s cold in Sweden, the dress will be made of black velvet, and because the wearer likes to go out dancing, it’ll have diamond details.’ 

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