Google’s new hardware has been leaked – and it looks great!
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Google’s new hardware has been leaked – and it looks great!

As the tech world counts down the days until October 4, when Google will hold its annual product launch event, some eager beavers are not content to wait for the revelations. Consumer publication DroidLife has received a series of photos displaying Google’s new hardware – and it looks like the Silicon Valley heavyweight is pulling no punches: new products include a smartphone, VR, and connected home devices.

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Google’s parent Alphabet is first and foremost an internet company: its main product is advertising, and it has a massive research function, which has seen it become the artificial intelligence (AI) market leader as well as a major player in the race to get self-driving cars on the road, develop a connected home, bring virtual reality to the public, and more. In the public eye, though, Google is synonymous with its search engine – the means by which it gathers advertising data, and an entry point into advertising displays. However, in recent years, Google has pushed further into hardware.

The main reason for this hardware push is to proliferate its virtual ecosystem further: it builds a great smartphone to get its operating system, Android, into even more households. It builds Google Home speakers to get people using its virtual personal assistant. And most of its hardware is connected to its AI business.

The products that Google is planning to release on October 4 – exactly a year after it debuted its Pixel smartphone – include the following: the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones – new iterations of last year’s release that keep a similar design. The Google Home Mini will be a parsed down version of the company’s connected home speaker – like Amazon’s low-priced Echo Dot, this is a way to get the company’s personal assistant into homes quickly and cheaply. Google’s VR viewer DayDream will also get an update (although details are non-existent), and a new Pixel Chromebook will be released that starts at £1,119.

The real question remains: what else has Google got in the tank for next month? Anything crazy, like Google Glass 2? If reports are to be believed, maybe!


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