Google and Huawei show that China and the US can still collaborate when it matters
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Google and Huawei show that China and the US can still collaborate when it matters

Huawei, the Chinese smartphone maker, recently announced a new handset. And along with that handset, it announced a new piece of software: Track AI lets “non-trained professionals” diagnose eye conditions on their Huawei devices. What Huawei failed to mention was the company that helped them create this astounding innovation: Silicon Valley heavyweight Google.

Alphabet’s share price has risen by 15% so far this year

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Huawei used Google’s open-source artificial intelligence (AI) suite TensorFlow, to create Track AI. So far, so what? Anyone, by definition, can use an open-source set of software tools. More interesting is the fact that a Google team provided marketing help to Huawei. Chris Brummitt, a Google spokesman, said that teams such as these often work with clients to “make the most of what’s possible with technology, leading to ideas like this one.”

While Track AI is not a huge strategic priority for either company, it serves to highlight the efforts Google has gone to building important links with the Chinese tech industry. Google might not be in China itself, but it still services Chinese companies looking to advertise outside of the country, and has tabled controversial plans for its own Chinese search products. No one knows how much revenue Google gets from China, but we do know that Asia as a whole contributed a far-from insignificant 15% of total revenue last year.

It’s not the first collaboration between Google and Huawei (and, despite political pressures in the US, it is unlikely to be the last). That just goes to show, get rid of the politics, and China and the US are more than capable of working together.


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