GoDaddy integrates with new Google tools to help small businesses conquer search engine rankings
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GoDaddy integrates with new Google tools to help small businesses conquer search engine rankings

GoDaddy is the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated helping small businesses gain big web presences. The company aims to make professional services available on a shoestring budget – an attractive proposition that it delivers on, and which has won it an enormous amount of business (at time of writing, the company has around 18 million customers worldwide). Now, GoDaddy is taking it a step further, becoming the first website builder in the UK to integrate with online presence manager Google My Business.

GoDaddy’s share price has risen by 20% so far this year

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Source: Yahoo Finance

Google My Business is a free-to-use tool from the eponymous search engine that lets users manage their online presence across Google. That includes maps and other sites – but most importantly, search. Where a company features in Google search results can often make or break its fortunes. Companies routinely allocate significant portion of their budgets for Search Engine Optimisation (the practise of writing in such a way as to be given preferential treatment by search algorithms), and the advertising spaces at the top of Google search are renowned as being the most expensive.

Google My Business, however, goes a step beyond just helping businesses get found. It lets them create business listings, verify and edit information that appears about them online, reply to reviews, and publish posts promoting special offers and events.

GoDaddy’s new integration will bring all of these tools within the GoDaddy experience. That’s a winning combination, as the company found out in the US. Users of GoDaddy in that country have had access to Google My Business for a while, and the results there highlight how effective integration can be. In the first half of this year, more than 10,000 GoDaddy customers created business listings through Google My Business. Each listing was viewed an average 1,637 times over the six-month period. That’s visibility that no small business can ignore. Especially when it’s free, and you can do it all from the website builder you used to create your website in the first place.

Justin Tsai, vice president of product management for GoDaddy, said: “It is increasingly important for small businesses to be found on Google and attract potential customers who are searching for their type of business. At GoDaddy we continually explore new products, technology and innovation to help small businesses connect with their customers. Website Builder’s new integration with Google My Business, helps UK small businesses to be more easily found in Google search results with space dedicated to quick information about their business.

Dominion holds GoDaddy and Alphabet, the parent company of Google, in its Global Trends Ecommerce Fund.

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