Givaudan debuts AI tool for perfumers
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Givaudan debuts AI tool for perfumers

Scent and flavour king Givaudan, the company behind many of the tastes and smells we encounter on a daily basis, has debuted a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool aimed at perfumers that it says will “bring olfactory expertise into the digital age.” The tool, called Carto, provides perfumers with an “Odour Value Map” which shows them which scents compliment one another and is designed to “maximise olfactory performance”. The tool also includes an “instant-sampling robot” to speed up production.

Givaudan’s share price has dropped by 2% over the last five days

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Source: Yahoo Finance

In an interview, Maurizio Volpi, president of Givaudan’s fragrance division, said: “We are strongly committed to drive digital innovation in fragrances,” said Maurizio Volpi, President of Givaudan’s fragrance division. The system (Carto) allows them to bring together physico-chemical science and technology to maximise the use of our palette of ingredients while making experimentation simpler and fun. It brings to life their ideas, inspirations and creative concepts in a very efficient way while taking away the repetitive tasks.”

The tool has been launched as part of Givaudan’s 2020 digital innovation strategy, and will be deployed at all of Givaudan’s fragrance creative centres. Calice Becker, the company’s perfumery school director, said:

“It is a true complementary support to our work, it allows us to experiment much more than we can today, to dose our formulas in the most performant way, and we - perfumers, bring the creative touch, the one most important part that can’t be replaced by any system.”


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