Ferrari: our SUV will NOT be an SUV
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Ferrari: our SUV will NOT be an SUV

As Bentley, Maserati, and Lamborghini have all committed to SUVs, the most iconic supercar maker of all has reiterated its position that whatever non-traditional Ferrari it makes, it will NOT be an SUV. Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s chief marketing officer, explained to reporters at the end of March that anything Ferrari puts its name to will still be a “sports car”. So don’t expect to go off-road unless you’re also going on-track.

Ferrari’s share price has increased by an incredible 62% over the past year

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SOURCE: Yahoo Finance

Ferrari’s intention to make something like an SUV has been a focal point in discussions of the brand’s growth for some time now. The company is looking to maintain its exclusivity, which means it will only relax yearly shipping quotas by so much, while also pursuing growth.

An SUV (which is not, of course, an SUV) offers Ferrari a way to do this. But the exclusivity problem doesn’t disappear – the company’s boss, Sergio Marchionne, has spoken previously about the importance of maintaining Ferrari’s iconic status. This means that whatever it does end up producing will likely differ significantly from traditional SUVs (even the luxury versions made by Bentley et al.) and will probably come with its own production quotas.

Galliera told CNN that the brand has a clear idea of what constitutes a “sports car”. Gesturing to a leant-back position, he told reporters that “sports car means that your driving position is this,” and explained that it also means that the seat is “something like a few inches from the ground.”

This ties in with earlier reports from the company. However far they diversify from what they’re doing now, Ferrari is clear about one thing: any vehicle they make will be a Ferrari first, and “something else” second!


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