Ferrari: neither electric, nor self-driving
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Ferrari: neither electric, nor self-driving

If it seems like all the world’s automakers, governments, and drivers are eager to embrace autonomous driving and electrification, you haven’t been looking at a high enough price point. Ferrari is dead against designing a fully autonomous, fully electric, vehicle.

Speaking about the possibility in a recent interview, the company’s Middle East CEO Deiter Knetchel dismissed the idea as “not fitting with the brand”. The language has mellowed, but the message hasn’t. Last year, Ferrari’s chairman, Sergio Marchionne, memorably described an electric Ferrari as an “obscene concept” and replied to the possibility of an autonomous model with the phrase “you’ll have to shoot me first”.

Ferrari’s share price is up by 94% so far this year


SOURCE: Yahoo Finance

Ferrari has always had a solid handle on what its ultra-premium supercar drivers want. Right now, the company suspects that its super-powerful engines are not replaceable by quieter, greener, options; and, of course, why would you buy a car with an engine like that if you didn’t want to drive it yourself?

Knetchel said: "To be honest with you, I don't see our clients in a self-driving, autonomous Ferrari. Electrification is very important for us, but there will not be any 100 percent electric car coming from Ferrari."

For now, Ferrari fans in love with electrification will have to sate themselves on the company’s upcoming hybrid vehicles. Could they ever take the trend further? Never say never. Enzo Ferrari was devoted to the brand’s iconic (and now departed) gated manual shifter. More recently, Sergio Marchionne said the company would never build an SUV – before admitting to potential plans to build… well, lets call it an “SUV-like vehicle”. Could an electric self-driver be next?


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