Ferrari Classiche is a clear indication of the brand’s premium
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Ferrari Classiche is a clear indication of the brand’s premium

There are plenty of people who would never even think of spending as much as $16,000 on a new car. But for Ferrari owners, this price tag is nothing – it’s so low, in fact, that many of them are willing to pay it just to have their vehicle vetted and authenticated as the real-deal. That’s the reality behind Ferrari’s Chassiche division: a part of the company set up solely to evaluate whether that new supercar you’ve just bought is a Ferrari or a fake.

Ferrari’s share price has risen by 28% so far this year

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Ferrari Classiche provides authentication for any model built “more than 20 years ago.” The simple fact that such a service is necessary – and can command such high prices – is a great indication of how valuable Ferrari’s brand is. And, of course, to maintain that value, the company needs to maintain its exclusivity. That means calling out fakes, and making sure that only legitimate Ferraris are recognised as such.

Classiche’s prices range from about $2,500 for more recent models, up to around $16,700, and there is no shortage of customers willing to pay those prices. Gigi Barp, the department’s head, recently joked that “there must be over 100 250 GTOs out there now.” Of course, Ferrari only made 39.

Ferrari Classiche has been in operation for 14 years, and houses 220,000 documents that date back to 1945. Barp says: "We have all the build sheets and commercial documents of every car we've ever made, as well as vital documentation of all of the modifications made to our racing cars in every series and championship."


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