Estee Lauder’s focus on ethnic consumers has paid off in the UK
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Estee Lauder’s focus on ethnic consumers has paid off in the UK

Estee Lauder, the cosmetics giant behind stylish and popular makeup brands like Jo Malone, Bobby Brown, MAC, and DKNY, says that adopting a greater focus on ethnic groups other than Caucasian is paying dividends in the UK. The company launched a dedicated “cultural relevance department” in the country five years ago to ensure that its customers were getting the best service money could buy – no matter what colour their skin was. Now, it’s paying off.

Estee’s share price has edged up over the last five days

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SOURCE: Yahoo Finance

Lesley Crowther, Estee’s vice president of consumer engagement and retail, told the Press Association: “The reality has been that we’ve been a Caucasian-heavy society, but I think as a business we realised that because of the pace of change that was happening in the diversity of our country…we needed to put a greater spotlight on understanding the different beauty goals and needs of consumers.”

Britain is a great region to pioneer these values. According to Estee, ethnic consumers currently make up 14% of the country’s population, but are driving as much as 80% of the population growth. The company’s efforts to speak to this small but fast-growing segment of British society seems to be working, with sales around cultural events like Ramadan and Golden Week increasing. For example, Moisture Surge products saw a 25% rise during Ramadan, when Estee started listening to customers’ concerns around dry skin caused by fasting.

Crowther says: “We do an enormous amount of work behind the scenes…on understanding different cultures, in the way they like to be serviced, on the respect that you need to have around certain holidays, and that is hugely important to our business. It ensures that whenever anybody is coming to our counters that we are appropriately able to service them and understand a lot more about what they’re looking for.”


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