Estee Lauder adopts “micro-storytelling” strategy to connect with consumers
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Estee Lauder adopts “micro-storytelling” strategy to connect with consumers

Global beauty company Estee Lauder has a new secret weapon when it comes to engaging with consumers: “micro-storytelling”. Speaking at the 2018 CommerceNext conference, the company’s vice president of global consumer marketing and engagement outlined the strategy to listeners, which, she said, will forgo the “one big idea” style of advertising to push a multitude of smaller messages that become personal narratives to those who engage with them.

Estee Lauder’s share price has appreciated by 8% over the last 30 days

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Vice president Tricia Nichols explains the strategy like this: “It’s smaller, more frequent narratives that will deepen connections and create bonds with people. Most brands may have one thematic story, one message, that they're telling over and over and over, and maybe in different ways. You're not going to get somebody to bond to you because you just told them one story, one time. And, often, brands will have that one story they stick to. But micro-storytelling means that I may tell a story about science, and love of science for skincare. I may tell a story about how to use a product. ... Or I may tell a story about something else entirely.”

According to Nichols, the beauty of micro-storytelling is its flexibility. She says that giving consumers as many ways into a brand proposition as possible is simply good sense. And she thinks it could be the secret to even greater success for the brand going forward. She summarised the logic behind micro-storytelling succinctly for attendees, saying:

“Share meaningful narratives through micro-stories … These are little doors that you can leave open for people to walk through that may not already be walking into your brand. You may not walk through the bigger doorway that says, ‘Hey we have this, this is what’s it about, and we want you to use it.’ But you may walk through one of those other doorways that I've left open.”


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