Electronic Arts’ latest player is an artificial intelligence
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Electronic Arts’ latest player is an artificial intelligence

One of the biggest challenges facing modern video game makers is providing challenging in-game opponents for players to duke it out with. Now, global gaming powerhouse Electronic Arts (EA) thinks its taken a big step forward, by creating a self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) that has taught itself how to play the company’s hugely popular title Battlefield 1.

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Traditionally, non-player enemies in video games follow set patterns of behavior – meaning players just have to figure out what that pattern is to advance in the game. But self-learning AI could lead to a situation where offline play is as challenging – and therefore, rewarding – as playing against real people online.

The company’s SEED (Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division) accomplished this feat by showing its AI agents 30 minutes of gameplay, then letting them loose in Battlefield 1 for six days. The result is artificial players that have learned how to do things like restock the ammo in their weapons, and work as “coordinated units”. However, it’s not perfect: sometimes, these agents just stand on the spot and spin.

Magnus Nordin, SEED’s technical director, said: “The agents aren’t very good at planning ahead. If an agent spots an objective, like an enemy player, it will act. But if there’s nothing in sight, it will eventually start to spin around to look for something to do.”

Early reports suggest that these agents – which lost to humans in trials, but didn’t suffer “a complete blow out” – will feature in the company’s upcoming Battlefield V. As of yet, we don’t know what that title will look like, so EA has months to perfect its new adversaries.

Check out EA’s AIs in action below:


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