EA support new Nintendo Switch
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EA support new Nintendo Switch

Whenever a company like Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony unveil a new games console there is always great intrigue, a glitzy launch event and exciting demonstrations. However, a console can only perform well if it has the support of great games produced by publishers, and so Nintendo will be delighted that Electronic Arts (EA) are backing their latest hardware, the Nintendo Switch.

Third party publishers like EA supply the video gaming industry with big name games that attract their customers and play a huge part in the success of a console because nobody is going to pay for a system that has no good games on it.

The Nintendo Switch was unveiled just over a week ago, and at the launch event Nintendo stated that there were ‘more than 80 switch games currently in development from multiple publishers, both big and small’. Well, EA are now one of the major players to step out and back the new console with a string of their classic games.

EA have announced that they will be bringing a new version of their iconic FIFA franchise to the Nintendo Switch, with a senior executive stating that Nintendo’s continued ability to push boundaries is one of the reasons that the publisher has backed the company.

Here is a first look at the Nintendo Switch that was produced by the company:

Patrick Soderlund, executive vice president at EA, said: “What I like about Nintendo is that they come to the table with a slightly different approach. They’ve done that in the past to great success, and sometimes not so much, but I think unless you’re willing to think about something unconventional, it’s going to be hard to break ground.”

As for why EA decided to begin their Switch production with FIFA, Soderlund said: “It’s our biggest brand, it’s the brand that spans across the most markets. It’s the brand that spans the biggest age demographic. It’s a mass-market proposition. It’s a game a lot of people want to play.”

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