Domino’s Pizza wants to be the ‘official food of everything’
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Domino’s Pizza wants to be the ‘official food of everything’

At the end of October, Domino’s head of digital Karl Boyce took to the stage at the 2018 Festival of Marketing to explain how his brand is using the power of social media to become the ‘official food of everything.’ The innovative leveraging of new technologies is nothing new for Domino’s, which has built its empire (with a 21% share, it’s unquestionably the market leader) around a similar strategy.

Domino’s share price has risen by 31% so far this year

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Source: Yahoo Finance

While Domino’s has a three-layer digital approach, it is the top layer – Unifying National Moments – that is most visible and drives the company’s national campaigns. The other layers (passion points and everyday occasions) are lower key branding that lets Domino’s dress its pizza up as ‘the perfect accompaniment to’ your passion point, or the thing you think of in a variety of everyday states (such as ‘can’t face the washing up’ and ‘putting on a kids party’). Taken together, all three layers are driving Domino’s towards becoming the food of everything: the things that capture national mood, the things you love, and the things you do every day.

Domino’s branded itself ‘the official food of recovery’ on New Year’s Day – and debuted this ‘official recovery channel’ to reach out to hung over consumers who couldn’t face cooking

According to Boyce, New Year’s Day is “the most hungover day of the year” and is, therefore, a perfect example of a Unifying National Moment. Domino’s data-driven marketing team was able to track increased orders on New Year’s Day, indicating that it might be an opportunity for further expansion. It used a multi-channel marketing campaign to brand itself as ‘the official food of recovery’ and measured a significant return on investment from its efforts.

The company said that it got 6 million impressions across New Year’s Eve and Day, with more than 2000 direct mentions on Twitter. It saw a total order growth count increase of 6.3% over both days, against New Year’s Eve and Day the previous year.

Domino’s digital marketing strategy is one of a handful of innovative, data-driven, approaches that has delivered real, tangible, measurable growth. The company’s long history of being a digital brand as well-known for its innovation as its products means this strategy is likely to continue winning it market share into the future.


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