Domino’s looks to innovate pizza buying with… video games?
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Domino’s looks to innovate pizza buying with… video games?

Do you love pizza and video games? Well, according to Domino’s Pizza, lots of people do – and the company’s betting that offering the two together will result in a bigger slice of the action. The fast food giant has created a new mobile game, Piece of the Pie Pursuit, which will offer players the chance to earn points towards a free pizza. It’s yet another canny move from a company that has firmly defined itself as a leader not just in the take away food market, but the digital space too.

Domino’s share price has increased by 22% so far this year

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SOURCE: Yahoo Finance

The concept behind the game is simple. It uses a custom-built Rube Goldberg machine to deliver “pizza-themed” challenges to players. (For the curious reader, this is what Wikipedia has to say about Rube Goldberg machines: “a deliberately complex contraption in which a series of devices that perform simple tasks are linked together to produce a domino effect in which activating one device triggers the next device in the sequence.”)

Steve Kennedy, the company’s director of loyalty, made the following comment over the game: "This is the ultimate game for pizza fanatics. Not only does it have six types of unique gameplay to keep you coming back for more, but it also gives Piece of the Pie Rewards members a chance to earn real-world bonus points toward free pizza."

The game follows on from various “loyalty points” offers from Domino’s. It’s free to play, and available on both iTunes and Google Play.


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