Domino’s incredible 9-year journey continues
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Domino’s incredible 9-year journey continues

Domino’s Pizza wasn’t in the best of places back in 2008 – but thanks to an incredible turn around in fortunes, the company is now trading 50 times higher than it did back then. That’s an appreciation of 5000%! This hasn’t happened accidentally: the company is at the forefront of technological disruption in its industry, has mastered savvy marketing, and expanded all across the globe.

Up 20% year-to-date, Domino’s success story continues


SOURCE: Yahoo Finance

Technology has been at the forefront of Domino’s expansion. The company has innovated with incredibly popular apps, “instant order” buttons that remember what your favourite pizza is and request it at a touch, and Twitter-based ordering systems. This has made ordering with Domino’s easier than pretty much any other fast food chain, and it appeals to younger, more technologically savvy, customers.

They’ve also taken this innovative business overseas. Domino’s now has 14,000 stores worldwide in places as far-flung as Malaysia. Despite the fact that 60% of their orders are made online, the company is still renovating its huge number of brick-and-mortar outlets at present.

The result is that Domino’s has doubled its global sales in the last 9 years – that’s no mean feat, but its share price appreciation has been even more dramatic. The justification for that appreciation? Domino’s hasn’t been lucky, it’s been smart – and it’s continuing to be.


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