Delphi Automotive partners with Innoviz to solve driverless tech
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Delphi Automotive partners with Innoviz to solve driverless tech

Delphi Automotive has been adding partners left, right, and center, in its quest to create an end-to-end driverless technology solution. The latest company to team up with the ubiquitous car components maker is Innoviz Technologies, an Israel-based light detection and ranging specialist. The company’s lidar system is geared to enable remote sensing for automotive and tech companies in pursuit of autonomous driving systems. It works by firing light pulses from onboard lasers – when the signals rebound, the car is able to gauge the distance between itself and the object ahead of it instantly.

Delphi’s share price has gone up by 43% so far this year


SOURCE: Yahoo Finance

When combined with other features, Innoviz’s lidar system can effectively gain a “digital understanding of the world around them.” This, of course, is hugely useful in the pursuance of a driverless software system for vehicles. Delphi’s senior vice president and chief technology officer, Glen De Vos, said:

“Along with radar and vision technology, lidar is an essential component to Delphi’s automated driving perception suite. Innoviz is developing a product that provides a high-performance intelligent-sensing solution to help advance automated driving technology.”

Omer Keliaf, Innoviz’s chief executive officer, also commented on the partnership, saying: “Delphi shares our vision for making vehicles smarter and safer. By challenging the conventions of lidar design, we were able to develop a lidar solution that delivers superior performance at a reasonable price and in a much smaller footprint – three factors that are required to help autonomous driving achieve mass commercialization.”


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